About WordSign



Affiliated with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL

Our primary focus is assisting deaf teams around the world translate scripture into sign language.

Our goal is to provide a portable, low-cost software/hardware package for the production of animated sign language using markerless motion capture as an accelerated method for sign language translation

Many translation teams face barriers in producing traditional video, where the Gospel is not tolerated and Christians face persecution. Many deaf individuals in these situations carry the daily burden of sharing Scripture in their language through video with the risk of arrest, death and having their work destroyed.

Through the years traditional video recording of signers has proven to be inefficient in many areas. Re-takes and manual editing make this a tedious process. Signers with skills appropriate for video storytelling come and go, or change in physical appearance before filming is complete, or may acquire damaged reputations, causing years of video production to lose its acceptability within the local deaf community.

We aim to provide a more efficient solution. Specifically, to provide a language independent system comprised of precise motion tracking, intuitive editing, avatar/scene compositing and video render.

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